Quit Smoking Program


Three-session quit smoking program. Call (928) 821-1103 to book sessions.


There are hundreds of “triggers” that say it is time to smoke.  Have a cup of coffee… time for a smoke. Get on the phone… light one up.  Get in a fight… calm down with a smoke. Have good sex, definitely time for a smoke, have bad sex, have a smoke.

My program, a combination of the teachings of four stop smoking courses, teaches you the tools to “unwire” these triggers.  Teaching your subconscious to look at smoking as a nonsmoker does.

One of my clients, Barbara Brown, reports saying “I never smoked” when asked about her past smoking, and then realizing she had been a heavy smoker for 50 years.

That is what I want to achieve for you, to look at smoking from the frame of mind of a nonsmoker.  Not everyone achieves this 100%. Your results depend on the effort you put into following the program I will teach you.


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