Pack of 3 Hypnosis Sessions


Three hypnosis sessions, either in-person or via Skype. Call (928) 821-1103 to book sessions.


I prefer not to take a new client that isn’t willing to commit to a minimum of three sessions.  Paying for  a three session package creates the mind set of commitment to change.  And it saves you money.

Most issues require a minimum of three sessions to affect the kind of subconscious change we’re looking for. That’s why for most issues I require a client make a commitment to at least three sessions.

Together we discuss the issue and decide on a strategy to make subconscious changes. Keeping in mind there are often underlying issues that fuel a problem. Uncovering and addressing these takes several sessions. Recordings are made of each hypnotic induction so they can be used as often as desired. People who practice self-hypnosis daily have a 26-39% more vigorous immune response.


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