Weight Loss Program


Six-session weight loss program. Call (928) 821-1103 to book sessions.


There are many subconscious patterns that contribute to taking on and retaining more weight than you consciously want to.

That’s why hypnosis can be so effective. I lost over 100 pounds without being on a diet.

Together we design and record hypnosis sessions designed to gently adjust subconscious associations. Several small changes add up to a huge difference in the long run. We aim for a gradual, permanent change in body weight. My weight has been within the same five-pound range for over five years now.

We aim to make several permanent desirable changes. That’s why it takes six sessions.

You’re not on a diet. You’re not deprived of what you want. You eat what you want as much as you want. We just adjust how you decide what you want and learn to notice when you are satisfied.

Who wants to live a life where you can’t ever have what you want?


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